A Comprehensive Approach to Self Defense…
Whether you are just starting your self-defense journey or you have taken personal defense seriously for some time, this will be the most important resource you own.
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This 9 Disc DVD Set Includes...
Order Your 9 Disc Set Today For Only $199.99
The “3 Domains of Personal Protection…”
Self-defense is more than martial arts, combatives, marksmanship or “Tactical” Training...

To get a complete self-defense strategy you will need training and exposure to the following 3 Domains:
  • Mindset
  • Physical Skills (hand to hand skills, defensive shooting, and defensive tools)
  • Application of Skill in Various Environments (public areas, vehicle, home, or workplace)
You can have all the skill imaginable, but without the proper mindset, you could find yourself “frozen in time” unable to execute the necessary skills to deal with the problem.

On the other hand, you could have a rock solid mindset, but without the necessary skills you could end up “improvising” with whatever comes to you - once again leaving you behind the curve.

But, what if you have the right mindset and a set of skills at your disposal, but you are unable to apply your skills in a specific environment. You may have great shooting scores on marksmanship course, but can you apply the same amount of skill in a dark alley after you’ve been hit?
The Comprehensive Self-Defense DVD bundle is designed to expose you to the various skills you need to develop in order to protect yourself and loved ones regardless of the environment. 

 Whether you are in your home, vehicle, workplace or in a public space, you will gain the knowledge you need to deal with the worst case scenario.
Order Your 9 Disc Set Today For Only $199.99
Brought to you by Top Personal Defense Experts!
Former LEO/Mental Health Professional, William Aprill
US Training Center’s Top Driving Instructor, Buddy Basnett
Knife Defense expert, Alessandro Padovani
Lead Instructor of Shooting Performance, Mike Seeklander
Black Belt Magazine Woman of the Year 2012, Kelly Muir
Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program and Founder of I.C.E. Training Company, Rob Pincus
To become truly prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to have both a micro and macro approach to your training. This DVD bundle will give you the “50,000-foot view”…
Topics covered in this DVD set includes:
  • Unarmed Self-Defense
  •  Mindset & Preparation
  •  Armed Home Defense
  •  Home Security
  •  Interacting with Law Enforcement
  •  Aftermath of a Defensive Event
  •  Vehicular Defense
  •  Defensive Handguns
  • Knife Defense
  • And Much More!
"DVDs include skill development tips and drills for live fire training"
Order Your Copy Today For Only $199.99
5 Ws of Personal Defense
Watch an in-depth interview with former Law Enforcement Officer and Mental Health professional, William Aprill, as he reveals the 5W's of Personal Defense.  This DVD will cause you to take a deeper approach to how you prepare for unexpected violence...
  • Who?...The importance of knowing what role you play as well as the potential attacker, in a personal defense situation.
  • What?... Learn the important concepts of Targeting, De-Selection, and Advantaging.  And how to disrupt the attackers decision making criteria
  • When?... Not just based on the calendar or the clock.  But more about how "appealing" you are to a Violent Criminal Actor.
  • Where?...Violence can meet you ANYWHERE, which makes it tough to determine "dangerous places.  Discover how you can better understand the risk associated with any given place.
  • Why?... Learn the key motivations that underlies the criminals behavior and what the true goal of personal defense really is.
Defensive Mindset DVD
There is a big difference between being afraid and being confidently aware of potential threats in a worse case scenario. This DVD will teach you how to develop the appropriate attitudes towards personal defense, safety, and security.
  • Awareness and Acceptance… The first step in creating a defensive mindset it to be aware that evil exist and accept that you should prepare for evil when it comes your way.
  • Commitment… Improving your safety requires a commitment to the process of personal defense. Discover how to make small changes in your behavior to increase your safety.
  • Preparation and training areas… Discover the four areas you need to build and refine your skills to ensure you are prepared for any situation.
  • The Will to Fight… Are you ready to use violent action to protect yourself? Discover how setting behavioral boundaries and taking personal responsibility can contribute to developing your will to fight.
Fundamentals of Defensive Striking
Kelly Muir has over 30 years of martial arts experience and over 2 decades of teaching. She brings you the most important aspects of efficient defensive striking.  
  • Fundamental Striking Concepts...Discover the most vulnerable target areas readily available on any attacker regardless of size.
  • The most effective stance for delivering powerful and efficient strikes to your attacker. The “Default Stance” will allow you to maintain maximum balance and generate powerful momentum for dealing with an agressive attacker.
  • Get an in-depth look into the mechanics of effective striking...Use your knees, elbows, and other natural tools to stop attackers in their tracks and change the dynamics of the fight in your favor.
  • And More!
Safer Faster Knife Defense
Alessandro Padovani is one of the top experts in Counter Ambush Knife Defense. His approach to knife defensive gives you tangible skills in a short amount of training time.
  • Learn the pro and cons on different defensive blades.
  • Knife carry and drawing techniques for getting into action quickly and efficiently.
  • Knife defense tactics for dealing with violent attackers in a realistic environment
  • Tactical Anatomy: The most effective areas to target for stopping threats.
  • 3 drills designed to safely allow you to develop your defensive knife techniques. You will also learn what type of safety gear should be used to train realistically and safely
Armed Home Defense
Simply having a firearm is not the same as being prepared to defense yourself or your family in the event of a home invasion or any presence of a violent actor. The concepts contained in this DVD can also apply to the workplace or hotel room.
  • Why the “attractiveness” of your home can deter criminal activity
  • How to create a home safety plan for you and your family to safely evade an imminent home invasion.
  • Use of firearms (handguns and long guns) for home defense purposes, Including how to effectively stage your firearm for rapid employment.
  • Non-Firearms home defense… How to use ordinary home items to defend yourself inside the home.
  • Tactical lighting techniques, law enforcement interaction and More!
One Handed Survival Shooting
Mike Seeklander, of Shooting Performance, takes from his experience as a top competitive shooter and defensive firearms instructor to bring you critical lessons on one-handed defensive shooting techniques for the worst case scenario.
  • How to manipulate your defensive firearm from various carry positions with your weak or strong hand.
  • Tips for safely integrating one handed shooting techniques into your training regimen.
  • Reloading, Emergency Reloads, and Phase 1 - 3 Malfunction clearing.
  • And More!
Defensive Long Gun Fundamentals
Rob Pincus (I.C.E. Training Company) and his top tier instructors introduce you to the fundamentals of using long guns in personal or home defense situations. Instructors provide an overview of long gun concepts and specific skills you should have to efficiently employ an AR type semi-automatic carbine, pump and semi-automatic shotguns and lever action rifles.
  • Familiarization of the various types of long guns, including how to set your long gun up for defensive use.
  • Which optic systems are more effective for defensive long guns
  • The advantages and disadvantages of various long guns in defensive situations.
  • How to move in close quarters with any long gun, without giving telegraphing to the attacker.
Vehicular Defense
Rob Pincus is joined by lead US Training Center Driving Instructor, Buddy Basnett to give you the fundamentals of setting up and controlling your vehicle should you have to drive yourself or your family out of a surprising, chaotic, and threatening situation.
  • How to control your vehicle during quick maneuvers
  • Driving in reverse at high speeds to evade attackers, without putting yourself or others in danger.
  • Carrying and Storing your defensive firearm in your vehicle.
  • Vehicle defense tactics: How to use your car for cover and Shooting through vehicle windows
  • And More!
Immediate Aftermath of a Shooting
This arguably the most one of the most important DVDs in the video series. This DVD covers what you need to be thinking about after you’ve successfully defended yourself with a firearm.
  • How to deal with other people in your environment after responding to a threat with your firearm.
  • Tips on how to deal with law enforcement officials when they arrive on scene, without making yourself look like the attacker.
  • Demonstrations scenarios are included to show you how defensive shooting situations unfold and what you should do if you find yourself involved in a defensive shooting.
If you are serious about protecting yourself and your loved one, you are encouraged to pick up your copy of the Comprehensive Self-Defense DVD Bundle Today! The information contained in this DVD series will give you the fundamental concepts that can be applied to most situations you will find yourself in, should you face a dynamic critical indecent.

Our experts are giving you access to their most sought after information which took them decades of research and development to compile.

It would take you thousands of dollars in travel and equipment. And hundreds of hours to gain the information contained in this DVD bundle.

As an added incentive, you will have the opportunity to get this priceless bundle at a discounted rate!
Order Your Copy Today For Only $199.99
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